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 Bride wearing black tabasco geode earrings

A beautiful bride wearing her black tabasco geode earrings.


Customer Aileen wearing and loving her custom moonstone chandelier earrings. 

Aileen from CA, wearing her custom moonstone chandelier earrings.

Aileen wearing her moonstone tassel earrings 

Aileen from CA, wearing her rainbow moonstone tassel earrings.




"I am so happy with my new peridot chandelier earrings! They are absolutely gorgeous.  I could not wait to wear them.  I wore them to a baby shower with a party dress. The peridot sparkled looking so elegant.  I find that even though I am wearing other jewelry, it is the earrings that make me feel truly feminine.  I honestly love them; they make me feel so good about myself."

 Barbara M from PA

Barbara M. 


"I feel stunning in my long rose gold pearl earrings!  They are adorned with opals and moonstones that lend their own beautiful colors.  These were a special order from Sandra, and I have received many compliments on all of her jewelry.  I have learned that I'm partial to long earrings.  I like to wear these with a navy midi skirt and a white blouse.  Thank you, Sandra, for making me feel happy inside!

Barbara M from PA


Sara loves her Doolittle Jewelry Earrings

I have been a long time collector of Sandra's jewelry.  Chandelier and hoop earrings are my favorites!  I always feel a lift and happy and beautiful when I wear them.  Sometimes I am afraid to wear them around my friends because they want to buy them off my ears!   - Sara B. from New York

aquamarine and carnelian earrings - Sara

 Custom tabasco geode bridal wedding earrings for new bride Maria 1Custom bridal geode earrings in white for Maria