22kt gold and sterling opal rings in progress



A Lifetime Pursuit for Jewelry Excellence

As an adult, I never cared for mass-produced, machine-made jewelry; and with a background in fine arts, antiques, appraisals and interior design, jewelry design was a natural career progression.

However, everywhere I looked, cheap-looking, cookie-cutter pieces were all anyone wore, and they never felt right to me.  I became frustrated with the lack of original designs out there and disillusioned with big brand jewelry altogether. 

China and Hong Kong manufacturers were copying all of the Fifth Avenue major brands quite well and selling them in private spaces in NYC to wealthy eager clients.  

So, I started creating what I couldn't find.  I used higher-quality materials, with  greater attention to detail and durability that ensured each piece would last.  What I enjoyed most was working with sterling silver, argentium silver, gold fill and 22kt solid gold.

Living in New York City, I had nearly unlimited access to gemstones, materials and the educational opportunities I needed to create the very best jewelry using every kind of medium.  I learned how to alloy pure 24kt gold into usuable 22kt gold: flat sheets and the most challenging of all: 22kt gold wire at Jewelry Arts! 

I studied fine jewelry making for many years at 92nd St. Y also, learning techniques from well known jewelry designers. 

The Covid virus put an end to my time working in those methods and bench time access; however, I hope one day soon to do that again and combine those fine jewelry design elements with the wire wrapping style.  I love wire wrapped jewelry just as much as the type that requires "fire" to create. :-)

I was also able to utilize carefully selected, and recommended, skilled craftsmen on 47th Street to refine my designs with their skills to create pieces I had only imagined.

After years of working in NYC on jewelry, I have learned who the reputable gemstone dealers are, as dyed, glued, misrepresented "gemstones" are now rampant on the internet for sale to unsuspecting buyers, even seasoned ones.

I make sure I only purchase from gem dealers who are honest in representing the quality of their gemstones; those I have purchased from for years.  The prices of these gemstones have only gone up in recent years.  However, do you want to purchase jewelry with dyed gemstones that will quickly fade over time?  

Way back in 2002, a blink to me, I created Doolittle Jewelry, and discovered I wasn't alone in my persistent fondness for high-end, well-made, personally styled jewelry.  

"Absolutely exquisite earrings.  Came carefully packaged with instructions on keeping them in good shape.  Also, vendor was great and had the earrings in the mail within literally 12 hours of when I ordered them.  This was a splurge for me and 100% worth it."

- Renee M.

Now I work with amazing people everyday creating romantic, bohemian-style jewelry that's truly unique, top-quality and customizable to your specifications.

Speaking of custom work, it's one of my absolute favorite things about Doolittle Jewelry.  Take a look at some of the custom pieces I've created for people, just like you, looking for that perfect piece with a little something extra.

"Love it!!!  Super responsive, helpful, and caring when helping me select  earrings for my wedding.  They shipped unbelievable fast, were packaged beautifully, and the earrings looked exquisite."

- C. Boodry

"The quality of these larimar rondelles is extraordinary!  They've got the loveliest sky blue color, with delicate yet sustained saturation, a subtle combination found only in top quality gems.  I'm so glad I got Sandra's last few pieces before they all disappeared!"

- Mee Ji

I'm looking at incorporating more of what you see here at Doolittle Jewelry, so watch for new pieces created with opals.

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I usually can answer during daylight EST hours; if you are asked to leave a message, please do, and I will return your call during the next daylight hours.

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REPAIRS?  Yes, I am available to repair my jewelry.  Loved and frequently worn pieces of handmade jewelry occasionally need "tune-ups" and refreshing, as well as repairs, and I am available to do that.  Please get in touch.

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