PERIDOT - The Birthstone for August

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Peridot August Birthstone: image of loose gemstones peridot and citrine

 Peridot, the birthstone for August,

is a variety of Olivine,

and it is a gemstone that

only comes in one color - green - 

unlike other gemstones, such as garnet and sapphire, 

that come in many colors.

Peridot comes in shades of green,

from yellowish green to dark olive green.

Sterling silver, artisan handmade shake locket with peridot gemstones inside  

Peridot is known as the gift to 

celebrate the 16th anniversary.

Peridot, is also known as the birthstone

of those born under the sign of Leo

and the month of August. 


The sign of Leo is represented by the lion

and is ruled by the sun.

Leos are considered warm, joyful, 

charming, smart and funny people

with sunny personalities.


 Those born under the sun sign of Leo

are sometimes also known as dramatic.

Interestingly, peridot stones make

dramatic entrances to our earth.

They either shoot out of volcanoes, in lava,

and earthquakes or

fall from the sky in fiery Pallasite meteorites!

Space gems, anyone?

(These are rarely gem quality, though.)

Green gemstone boho dangle earrings peridot chrome diopside tsavorite gold 

Peridot was first found on an island 

off the coast of Egypt a very long time ago.

It was popular with Pharohs,

and they considered it the

"gemstone of the sun"

as it was the color of

grass, plants and summertime,

and thus, represented renewal and rebirth.

Peridot is the national gemstone of Egypt.

Peridot and Edison pearl Cluster earrings, gold fill, rose gold, sterling silver


As we know, there is much

volcanic activity on the Hawaiian islands,

so it is not surprising to learn that

they have a Peridot Beach,

where the sand has a green shimmer 

from the crushed olivine stones

of the lava.

In fact, peridot gems were 

considered tears of Pele,

the Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes.

 Gold Fill Hoop Earrings with multi gemstone dangles, opals, peridot

The San Carlos Reservation in Arizona

is the main source location

for peridot in the U.S.

Thousands of years ago, there were

massive volcanic eruptions there!

Wire wrapped bracelet of peridot, watermelon tourmaline slices, pearls on triple strands

While about 80 - 90% of all peridot

comes from Arizona,

the highest quality peridot

is found in  Pakistan and Myanmar. 

Clusters of peridot, blue zircon, over freshwater pearl drop earrings

While peridot is found in shades

from yellowish green to dark olive green, 

it is the iron content that determines its color.

An iron content under 15% 

and colors from lime green to grass green

are valued most,

but eye clean, transparent gems

are most valued. 

Multi-color Gemstone Dangle Earrings Mixed Metal Peridot Pink Sapphire Amethyst 

Did you know?

Peridot is called the "evening emerald"

as it appears to shine its color

even in the darkness! 

Peridot is usually not enhanced or heat treated either.

Green Gemstone Statement Hoop Earrings Handmade with Peridot, Prehnite and more

Peridot was the Color of the Year from 2017.


Peridot is an invigorating color gemstone,

and it conveys peace, success and good luck.

It is associated with peacefulness and harmony

and its energy is said to help heal relationships.

Baroque Edison Pearl and Green Gemstone Cluster Earrings


Lore has it that peridot

was used as protective talisman to protect

from the forces of evil and darkness.

It also is said to protect from nightmares, 

when set in gold.

 Emerald and Peridot Gemstone Cluster Keishi Pearl Earrings

Peridot is also said to

repel negative feelings and

bring you positive energies

and cheerfulness! 

Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone long boho dangle earrings


More fun info on Peridot:

* Princess Kate wears peridot, blue topaz

and diamond earrings

* The largest peridot found is 319 carats

* Peridot vintage jewelry was popular

in the Edwardian era.

* Cleopatra's peridot gemstones

were mistaken for emeralds!

 Peridot Gemstone Pendant Gold Fill with Pearl Clusters


Peridot is a soft gem,

which may not be good to wear as rings,

as it scratches easily;

best for pendants and earrings!

Never steam clean peridots!

They are heat sensitive.

Best to only use a soft bristle brush,

warm water and mild dish detergent

to clean them.

If they are not set in metal,

they can be stored in cotton in a box.

Enjoy your peridot jewelry!


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