Larimar - The Sea and Sky Gemstone

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Just gazing at larimar you immediately think of the
white clouds in the blue sky and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.
Although this gemstone is

most often thought of to be 

a light or intense blue or turquoise, it also comes in white, green, 

blue-green and sometimes with red or brown spots, 

as seen in the example above.

Larimar is a unique gemstone with an interesting history!

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Larimar is not considered one of the classic birthstones,

nor is it associated with a particular zodiac sign.

However, the blue variety of larimar is associated

with the Spring Equinox - a time of awaiting new blooms, 

while winter ends and prepares for Spring,

and the turquoise variety of larimar which is

associated with the commencement of Spring

and actual blooming and rebirth.

Larimar is said to have been originally found in 1916,

but was re-discovered formally in 1974 

in the Dominican Republic 

by a Peace Corp. worker, Norman Rilling, and

a local resident, Miguel Mendez.

"Mar" is Spanish for "sea", 

and "Lari" is short for the name "Larissa",

Miguel Mendez's daughter's name,

hence they named their discovery "Larimar".


Larimar is often referred to as Blue Pectolite, 

the Dolphin Stone, Stefilia's Stone and even 

the Atlantis Stone!

Legends claim that the Dominican Republic 

was once part of Atlantis.

Larimar forms when needle-like crystals grow together as a

solid mass in caverns within volcanic lava.

It is a variety of Pectolite.

It is found only in the  Dominican Republic.

The darker the blue color of the stone and

the more translucent it is, the more valuable;

however, sky blue with cloud-like patterns 

is also very valuable and desired.

Larimar can also display a chatoyancy

also known as a cat's eye effect.

Larimar is most often found in jewelry in a cabochon form,

smooth and highly polished, and is most

commonly set in silver rather than gold.

It can easily scratch and should be stored

in a protective box or pouch for safe keeping.

Larimar is best worn as necklaces and pendants and earrings,

but as it is so lovely to gaze at, it is often found in rings.

Larimar is also sensitive to sunlight exposure,

as it can fade if out in strong sunlight too long.

Visually, larimar is a calming, soothing gemstone.  

It is known to calm stress, perhaps lower blood pressure,

and inspire relaxation.

Lore even has it that it is useful in finding a soulmate!

Larimar should be carefully cleaned

with a SOFT brush (so as not to scratch it),

gentle detergent and warm water.

Never use heat, steam or ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, 

hairsprays or household chemicals.


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