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Garnet - January Birthstone Blog



Garnet comes in an extraordinary variety of beautiful colors - not just red!

Prized as an ancient talisman for protection on the battlefield,

 garnet is also known as the gemstone of love and passion.

Lore and legends claim garnet

is known to bring health, wealth and happiness to its wearers.


Garnet comes in many colors, and I love them all - emerald green tsavorite

garnet, hessonite garnet with its rich caramel colors,

pinky plum rhodolite garnet, olive green garnet,

scarlet, crimson pyrope garnet, orange mandarin garnet, spessarite garnet,

almondine garnet and uvarovite garnet.

This strand of garnet rondelles

shows some of the many

beautiful colors garnet comes

in - from light golden

shades to lavenders and

deep plums.    

   While red is the most traditional color garnet is known for, 
ranging in shades from burgundy to browns to reds that rival rubies,
generally the green and orange varieties can be the most valuable.
Garnets can be found in almost every color, including colorless;
there is even a color change variety!
This can make identifying garnets confusing.
Garnets are one of the most complex gems in the world
with numerous species and varieties.
The five or six most important species are generally pyrope, almandine,
spessarite (spessartine), grossular, andradite and uvarovite.
Most of the garnets we know are blends of these species,
and they have their own unique names.
 rhodolite garnet teardrop gold chandelier earrings

 Rhodolite garnet is loved for its mulberry, plum pink color

in all of its shade ranges.  

 rhodolite garnet, tsavorite, amethyst, mandarin garnet rose gold chandelier earrings

Rhodolite garnet is a blend of almandine and pyrope garnet.

In the earrings on the right, I have mixed rhodolite garnet with amethyst,

tsavorite garnet, mandarin garnet and more.

In the earrings on the left, I have mixed rhodolite garnet with hessonite garnet

and olive quartz.   


Hessonite garnet is a variety

of the grossular garnet

species. It comes in shades

ranging from yellow-orange

to reddish-orange to

caramel shades and browns.  

Thus it is also known as

"cinnamon stone".


I love how this warm golden and caramel gemstone

mixes with other colorful gemstones. 

garnet and olive quartz chandelier earrings

 In this pair of chandelier earrings

I have mixed hessonite garnet with

olive quartz briolettes as well as

rondelles of rhodolite garnet and

green vesuvianite mixed in

with a few peacock pearls.

 Another one of my favorite garnets is tsavorite garnet!

  I love its vibrant, cheerful green color for mixing with other gemstones.  

I find it useful to mix in jewelry for all seasons:  it is perfect to mix with reds for 

the winter Christmas holidays, with pinks and yellows for spring/summer

weddings, and it is especially lovely mixed with autumn hued gemstones. 


 Tsavorite has one of the most intense and vivid green colors

of any gemstone.  Some interesting facts about this variety of garnet are

that it is never treated nor altered to improve its color and 

that it is 200 times rarer than emerald.

It was also discovered in Tanzania in 1967 as was tanzanite!


 Another favorite garnet I love to

use in jewelry is mandarin

garnet, a pure orange variety of 

spessarite garnet. It has a

vibrant inner fire that brings life

to any gem mix.

 Multi-color Garnet Hoop EarringsThis pair of hoop chandelier earrings have been created 

in oxidized sterling silver

to highlight these beautiful garnet gemstones

in many of their colors!

In the center are green garnets;

centering the bottoms of the hoops are 

mulberry hued rhodolite garnets,

flanked by mystic hessonite briolettes and

followed by more hessonite garnet onion briolettes.

You can see some of the amazing jewel tone hues

garnet can be found in.


Mandarin garnet is used in the clusters 

of these pearl earrings mixing

with Ethiopian opals, citrine

gemstones, yellow

sapphires, crystal quartz and

lots of tiny pearls.

 mandarin garnet, opal, gemstone cluster pond slime earrings
Mandarin garnet, sunstone gem cluster with rutilated quartz pendant on rose gold metals jewelry set

 Mandarin garnets are used in

the clusters of this jewelry

set, mixing with sunstone, 

pink sapphires and Madiera

citrine over rutilated quartz

briolettes on rose gold filled wires.


Rich, regal, red garnet is always

a favorite!  As mentioned before,

very expensive red garnets can rival

rubies for their beauty and color.


 I love to use red garnets with mixed metals of oxidized silver and gold

as well as with moonstones and other colors of garnet.

 red garnet and moonstone gold filled statement hoop earrings

 One day I hope to find varieties of the color change garnets,

particularly the blue garnets that change to red with purple!

In the meantime, the best way to clean garnet jewelry is with

warm water, mild detergent and a soft bristle toothbrush,

never with high heat or machine cleaners.

~ ~ ~ 








and don't miss out on any scoops or treats!


 rhodolite garnet 22 k gold bezel

What's on the bench?  Garnet Earrings in progess - 

rose cut rhodolite garnets (love this color, did I say that before?)

and rose cut diamonds are being set in 22 kt gold bezels

on sterling silver back sheet.  They will probably dangle

from attached gold French hooks and have a fancy

treatment to finish the bezels.  Stay tuned....


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