Aquamarine - The Birthstone of March

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Aquamarine is the shade between green and blue color variety
of blue beryl (and so is emerald).
It is known as the birthstone
for those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces and the month of March. 
Aquamarine is also known as the gift to celebrate the 19th wedding
anniversary and is thought to enhance the happiness of marriage.aquamarine gemstone earrings with keishi pearl clusters
Aquamarine, beryl, pearl stretch stacking bracelets
Aquamarine is the Latin word for sea water, for which it was named.
It was believed to be the treasure of mermaids,
and sailors used it as a good luck talisman.
Aquamarine was used to treat procrastination as an affliction.  
It is believed those who wear aquamarine have a 
better ability to think clearly and make quick decisions.
Aquamarine is the stone of eternal youth and happiness!
Aquamarine Labradorite Pearl Wire Wrapped Long Necklace
Raw Aquamarine Crystal Pendant
In the past, the most valued aquamarine stones were green.
Now, the valued stones are a rich sky blue.
Rich blue stones can be very valuable if they are 
several carats in weight.
Aquamarine Chrysoprase Moonstone 24kt Gold Leaf Boho Dangle Earrings
Aquamarine grows in 6 sided prismatic crystals, 
(as you can see in the raw crystal pictured above),
and it is mined high in the mountains or Pakistan
as well as Brazil, where the best quality stones come from.
Raw aquamarine cluster and pearl earrings
oxidized silver wire wrap multi-strand bracelet larimar aquamarine
Aquamarine is graded by color, clarity, cut and carat weight,
just as diamonds are.
Aquamarine is a durable stone, making it a good choice
for rings and bracelets that can get a lot of contact when worn.
Almost all aquamarine has been heat treated, and it is easy to cut.
Aquamarine dangle necklace gold filled
Blue aquamarine bracelets show in a stacking combination
Moss aquamarine is a variety of aquamarine
colored by iron trace elements which form
tiny internal inclusions that 
give it a moss-like appearance
and a greenish-blue hue.
Moss aquamarine is very popular in jewelry, 
particularly earrings, as it so beautifully
highlights blue eye color!
See these examples of moss aquamarine 
in the earrings below.
Click on any and all images to see the items.
moss aquamarine earrings gold filled
long boho moss aquamarine and peridot earrings
moss aquamarine and labradorite dangle earrings
When worn as an amulet, aquamarine was believed to 
bring pain relief and to cure laziness!
To care for your aquamarine jewelry,
clean with soapy warm water using mild soap 
and an old toothbrush,(for set stones, such as rings).
Rinse well with plain water.
Do NOT clean in an ultrasonic tank.
ALWAYS avoid steaming and contact with cosmetics, 
hair spray, perfume or household chemicals.
to see more aquamarine jewelry.
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